NaNoWriMo – Week 4

November has passed, and that means it’s time for my final NaNoWriMo Post. (Actually I had intended to post it yesterday, but my internet was down.)

My novel didn’t quite hit 50’000 words, simply because I ran out of story on November 26th, giving it a final word count of 43’488. There are some scenes that I shortened at the time of writing them, and one I couldn’t figure out where to slot in, so the word count will most likely grow in the second draft.

For now, however, I just need to take a break from the book; in part because I need to shift focus onto my studies, and in part because it’s too recent for me to be able to judge fairly. I’ll read through it and begin work on revisions sometime in January.

So, yeah. It’s not quite the 100k words that my last novel turned out at, but it’s not bad either. Overall I’d say NaNoWriMo 2020 was a success.



My short horror(~ish) story ‘A Murder of Crows’ released today, so if you’re interested you can read it at:

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